Welcome Amigos, my friend. We are starting up a website to help you get business in this rough economy. We will focus on how to get you business and increase your market share, with Rent An Amigo, when you list with us you can promote your ad on any site, like facebook,twitter,youtube, or any of the 60 differents site. Then after you get business people can leave feedback on your ad telling what a great job you did and they can share it on they facebook, twitter, and so on. Remember Amigos are, friends providing cheap labor in the marketplace.

Amigos Please Read

We are going to be starting out official on October 7,2012. We need good hard working people to sign up. We don't have lazy unfriendly people we are setting up a support line that you can use to translate English to Spanish or the other way around. Please call email me at jorge@rentanamigo.com if you have any questions. At Rent an Amigo we do not prefer one ethicy group over another. We promote friends proving cheap labor to get the job done.

Business Center

We are setting up a business center (click here) that are local to your area and can assist you in all the business needs that you have, from filing taxes to getting a business license. Any thing you can think of if you want to be add to this section please email me at business@rentanamigo.com

Rent An Amigo Videos

We are always looking for crews to film or get pictures from you so we can show the world the great work that we do. We will be rolling out an user interface in the next 60 days so that you can always have an account with us. We are going to get a lot of national press as soon as we go vital in the next 30 days. Please ask us any questions at sales@rentanamigo.com.

Websites and google search engine

We have the best web people that work we us. This website is only one way to best business of the internet, if you have a big company and looking to get great ranking on the internet you have come to the right spot. 1) we are cheaper than everyone out there. 2) We guarantee that you will get to the Top 3 on first page or you page nothing 3) We work hard keeping you in this spot.